NiFi: An Architecture Overview

The core concepts of NiFi

  1. What is FlowFile
  • Lends well to visual creation and management of directed graphs of processors
  • Is inherently asynchronous which allows for very high throughput and natural buffering even as processing and flow rates fluctuate
  • Provides a highly concurrent model without a developer having to worry about the typical complexities of concurrency
  • Promotes the development of cohesive and loosely coupled components which can then be reused in other contexts and promotes testable units
  • The resource constrained connections make critical functions such as back-pressure and pressure release very natural and intuitive
  • Error handling becomes as natural as the happy-path rather than a coarse grained catch-all
  • The points at which data enters and exits the system as well as how it flows through are well understood and easily tracked

NiFi Architecture

High Level Overview of Key NiFi Features



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Arun Singh

Arun Singh

Work as Enterprise Data Architect, Cloud Data Architect and focuses on building data architectures on cloud platforms.